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Imagine an online gaming world which is as fair as playing in the real world with your friends : Cryptography makes it possible. FairShuffle is a Fair Online Gaming Company prioritizing consumer protection and engagement in online real money gaming, and beyond. We use cryptography to give you a gaming experience as fair as playing with your friends. When you play at FairShuffle online, no one sees your cards, not even FairShuffle.

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Verifiability, Integrity,Transparency & Accountability

With FairShuffle we harness the power of Cryptography to establish Verifiability, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability (VITATM) to give the best form of CONSUMER PROTECTION in Gameplay. Cryptography is a natural language for building trust. Our VITA based solution for online gaming is Impossible to reverse engineer due to strong Cryptography and provides 100% trust and confidence to End Customer without understanding cryptography ”

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Poker is a Game of Secrets, and Cryptography is the Science of Secrets

We have found a solution to a relaxation of the long standing “Mental Poker” problem in CRYPTOGRAPHY; abrupt dropout by players is handled gracefully without any need of a recovery procedure - which we believe is unprecedented in the literature of Mental Poker. The solution has the advantage of Collusion Prevention and Collusion Resistance, and can be implemented in a Centralized or Decentralized manner.

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We are the cutting edge of Business, Technology and Responsibility

At FairShuffle we strive to create a Holistic Environment for Online Gaming where every stakeholder benefits. We wish to bring the best of Online gaming to users, and Spearhead the revolution of social impact. We don’t believe in just going the extra mile. Being a consumer ourselves, FairShuffle is better than imagined - VITA brings about exponential improvement, connecting the world through Fair gaming. Agile and lean, our design and solutions make the traditional ways of conducting online poker obsolete.

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Safety of Verifiable Fairness and Excitement of New Gaming Modes

We bring to you an unparalleled experience in the world of online poker where champions are born. Simple, fair and engaging, FairShuffle enables anyone from 8 to 80 years old to play and learn on the go with the comfort of knowing that the game is fair and transparent.

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An online gaming experience as Fair as playing with your Friends

FairShuffle is here to change the face of online poker as we know it by redefining the ease of access and entry, and thereby ushering in a new pool of empowered first time poker players along with seasoned players. Attracted to the holistic ecosystem that FairShuffle offers, everyone from social game players to cryptography enthusiasts are jumping on the bandwagon to experience the gaming of the future.

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Leadership Team.

Srijan Singh

Chief Executive officer

Shaker Dixit

Finance, Business and Operations

Ram Lakhan

Strategy & Planning

Soumini Basu

Business and Marketing

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